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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Just back from a heady few days in Berlin.  Man I love that city.

We went for no particular reason.  We were debating whether to go to christmas ATP about 2 months back and decided that we wouldn’t, having already been to an ATP in May.  After a bit of scouring on the net for cheap flights Berlin was go.

We stayed at the new Circus Hotel which I can highly recommend if you’re going to Berlin.  You must get Gabriel to make you a dirty gibson or negroni - that man knows his cocktails.

This trip included a visit to the Kunstgewerbemusuem the museum for the applied arts.  It is full of ceramics, furniture, glass, tapestries, clothes, gold and silver work.  The museum is in a large complex of museums called Kulturforum that also houses the incredible Gemaldegalerie. The mind blowing collection of early European paintings is something of a must see.  When we visited, the museum was virtually empty which I find incredible.

We also went to Hamburger Bahnhof were there was a retrospective of Joseph Beuys, a Warhol exhibition and an exhibition called The Cult Of The Artist.  I didn’t really like the exhibition but I think partly is was because all the text was in German and I didn’t have an audio guide.  My favourite work was by Richard Jackson entitled Deer Beer.  I’ve put a video of it below

deer beer by Richard Jackson

A bit of shopping took place and I am now the proud owner of this sewing box which is also full of vintage notions.  Hooray for Berlin