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CiB shop

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

I’ve been a bit lazy about telling you what I’ve been up to lately.  So over the next few days there will be a wave of posts.

First (and I think quite importantly) Created in Birmingham have a shop - in the Bullring - not in a dusty corner but opposite the Apple shop

(Photo courtesy of Katie Graczyk)

There are some needlesandhooks goodies on sale.  Embroidered and appliqued purses and new stitched pictures (photos to come in another post) as well as lots of other things all made here in Birmingham.

I popped into the shop on Thursday evening to do a bit of birthday shopping and bumped into Ben Waddington installing his jewellery.  Jewellery isn’t something that I normally associate with Ben so I was intrigued when he asked me to take a look

The rings (size R) are made from £1 coins with the centre ground out.  It’s done by a clever computerised process and leaves just the very edge of the coin as a ring.

I then asked if it was illegal to do this to a coin of the realm but Ben assured me that it wasn’t.  Another thing it made me realise was that I have no idea what my ring size is.  Will need to find out before Matt can buy me a yellow diamond ring