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Candy Cane Pier

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

I’ve spent the last few days in Skegness installing my crochet graffiti piece Candy Cane Pier for SO Festival 2011.

I left early on Wednesday morning with the ever lovely Vickie Glynn.  When we arrived at Skegness we went straight to our digs, The Kildare.  Turns out that the Kildare won Channel 4 programme 3 In A Bed last year.  We rang the bell but no-one was home. It seemed that the owners had popped out to run some errands.

The weather report I’d seen before leaving home had showers and sunshine forecast for Thursday, so we decided to get to the pier and start installing whilst the weather was dry.  Fuelled by cups of tea and fresh doughnuts we managed to get 16 lamp posts covered before dinner time.

After our dinner we went back to the hotel.  We were given a warm welcome and lots of apologies for being out when we first arrived.  The Kildare is a friendly homely B&B and if you’re ever in Skegness I can recommend that you stay there.

We’d been invited to meet the rest of the visual artists for a drink that evening.  Vickie was feeling a bit coldy so elected for telly and an early night and I went to local bar Wallies to mingle.

Thursday morning was decidely grey so I packed my waterproofs and Vickie and I headed down to the pier to finish the install.  We got a taste of the bracing Skegness wind and had to use cable ties to secure the pieces whilst we stitched them on.

By lunchtime the install was finished.  I took Vickie to the train station to return home and went for a mooch round Skegness’ charity shops.

For the rest of my stay I was a lady of leisure. I took a trip to Mablethorpe further up the coast to visit the Bathing Beauties beach hut exhibition but the huts were closed.  I also visited some of the other exhibits at SO Festival Luminarium, Migration Stories, International Bus Stop, Weaving Stories and Camera Obscura.

I rounded off my Skegness stay with fish and chips on the beach.  A very fitting end to my stay by the seaside.

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Vickie.  It would have taken days to install the piece without you.

Here’s a few pics of the final piece.  Note the mistake on the information board - it seems my name is Stitches and Hos!

Read all about it

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

image from

My commission Candy Cane Pier for Skegness Open Festival has been featured in the Birmingham Post and Birmingham Mail.

I think it was published today.  So, I’m off to the newsagents


Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

I’m currently working on an outdoor visual arts commission for Skegness Open Festival 2011.  The piece is called Candy Cane Pier and for this I will be transforming the lampposts on the pier in to sticks of rock with knit graffiti (well, actually I’m using crochet, but thats just a technical point).

Production of the pieces is going well here at needlesandhooks HQ.  In total I will make 24 pieces of crochet 110 x 24cm in just over 3 weeks.  I’m already over halfway through the crocheting (at time of writing 14 done, 10 to go) and still have just over a week to complete the work.  Luckily I have cleared the diary for the final week so will be able to concentrate fully on abusing my crochet hook

I’m very excited and a bit nervous to be taking part.  It’s great to set myself a challenge and this really is one.

I’ll post up photos of the completed work once its been installed next week.  Until then I’d better get back to my crocheting